Mount Kenya University launches Enterprise Academy

Mount Kenya University has established the “Workforce Transition Program” (WTP) meant to equip its graduates with relevant and adequate skills to make them competitive in the job market. WTP aims to address graduate unemployment by actively promoting a paradigm shift in Kenya from the premise of “university education for employment” to “university education for job creation”. university has established Research, Enterprise and Innovation Development Centre (REIDC) whose motto is “transforming job seekers to job creators” with the ultimate aim of aiding the Kenyan youth participate in job and wealth creation through nurturing innovative business ideas as well as commercialization of innovations to address socio-economic challenges of our society.

REIDC has three incubation programmmes viz.: Technological Incubation Programme, Hospitality Incubation Programme and Microfinance Incubation Programme. The University has also established Mentorship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund (MIEF), which will ultimately transform into a Revolving Fund with participation of all stakeholders including private institutions, the industry and the government. The University has also established an Enterprise Academy to bridge the chasm between knowledge generation and knowledge utilization. The Academy has received a generous initial 5-year funding from the University management through injection of KSh. 40 million into the MIEF. From the fund, a total of 10 young apprentices (innovators/entrepreneurs) will benefit with initial seed grant of KSh. 800, 000 per year for every innovative business idea. It is envisaged that the Academy will spur the discovery and development of new knowledge and its subsequent exploitation for the socioeconomic development of the Kenyan people and the region in line with the objects of Kenya Vision 2030.